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Who May Use the Sanforized Trademark?
Textile mills are licensed to apply the Sanforized trademark to those fabrics which conform to specified test requirements. In addition, the Sanforized trademark may be used by manufacturers to identify garments cut from Sanforized-labeled fabrics, and retailers in their selling and advertising.

Use of Sanforized by Textile Mills
Textile Mills licensed to use the trademark can identify their Sanforized fabrics with the label Sanforized. The label, which must be applied to the end of each piece of fabric, states that Sanforized is a checked standard of shrinkage. Many mills also stamp Sanforized at intervals on the selvage of the cloth.

Use of Sanforized by Manufacturers
Manufacturers who make up garments wholly of Sanforized fabric may identify the garments as Sanforized. The right to such identification is conferred by the appearance of the standard label on each roll of fabric the garment is made from. In addition, the invoice for the fabric must clearly say "Sanforized."

Use of Sanforized by Retailers
Retailers purchasing garments identified as Sanforized may use the trademark in advertisements, on counter cards, in bill-stuffers and all other material employed to promote the sale of the garment. For the retailer's protection, and to avoid illegal use of the mark, the retailer should make sure that each individual garment carries Sanforized identification. It is recommended to specify such identification on the purchase order.

The Importance of Sanforized Labeling
To consumers all over the world, the word Sanforized, or Sanfor, on a fabric or a garment has strong sales appeal.

Experience has taught them that the trademark promises good performance from a shrinkage standpoint. A Sanforized garment can be washed repeatedly without loss of original style or fit. This means longer garment life, greater economy, and more value for the money spent.

In view of this, the manufacturer who makes a line of Sanforized garments, but does not identify them as such, is depriving both himself and the retail customer of an extremely powerful visual sales tool — one that has become more and more important in this day of less personal selling.

There are many different ways in which manufacturers label their garments as Sanforized. Among them are: inclusion of the trademark on the manufacturer's own sew-in neck label or hang-tag; separate hang-tags; gummed tickets; gummed labels, etc. The exact method usually depends on the type of merchandise.