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Reduced Seconds
Improper maintenance or operation of CSRs (Compressive Shrinkage Range machines) can result in second quality fabric due to improper shrinkage (too high or too low), compaction marks, water spots, yellowing, improper skewing, inadequate width control, etc. The Sanforized Company representatives work with the licensees to solve these problems.

Less Reruns
A rerun is usually a batch of fabric which is first quality, except for the shrinkage. Getting the shrinkage right the first time prevents reruns. For some fabrics, reshrinking the fabric can produce a second, or off-quality, fabric. Common problems due to reprocessing fabric are alteration of the hand, alteration of the appearance, and loss of finished width (too narrow according to the specification).

Less Unscheduled Downtime
The CSR audit is a very effective means by which a mill can pinpoint mechanical problems and repair them before they result in unscheduled downtime. Areas of high wear and/or failure rates can be devised.

High Speed
By optimizing the machine parameters under which a particular fabric is processed, the mill can sometimes realize an improvement in the operating speed of the machine.