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One key element of our system is the continuous in-plant technical services provided each Sanforized licensee. This service is important, in part, because of constant change and improvements in finishing of all types of cotton fabrics and blends. Our worldwide staff of technical representatives is, of necessity, specializing in keeping abreast of these changing conditions. This enables them to adapt new finishing formulas, processing techniques, and other means necessary to achieve proper shrinkage control.

These technical representatives make regularly scheduled service visits to licensees.
Also, they are frequently asked to resolve problems which can and do arise between their regular visits. It’s important to note that because of the varying technical nature of shrinkage control, these requests come from licensees of many years’ experience as well as from new licensees.

In addition to the technical services provided each licensee, our technical representatives are frequently called upon to help improve garment manufacturing, fabric handling, and laundering techniques – all of which seriously affect shrinkage.

The importance and the difficulties of quality shrinkage control must not be underestimated. It cannot be claimed that the Sanforized system is perfect. It can be emphatically stated, however, that the Sanforized program represents by far the best and most consistent shrinkage control available. Thus, it is the best protection against costly shrinkage complaints, resulting in loss of good will and customers.


Routine Visits
A Sanforized representative will make routine visits to each licensee at no additional cost to the licensee. These visits may include fabric testing, training of personnel, fabric finishing trials, and technical advice on a wide variety of subjects related to shrinkage control.

Special Visits
Our technical service personnel are available to the licensee for a special visit at the request of the licensee. Special visits on short notice or for an extended period of time may result in nominal charges to cover travel expenses.

Machine Audits
Machine audits are an in-depth examination of the mechanical condition of a machine, the operating procedures of the machine, record keeping for the machine, fabric preparation, fabric testing, spare parts, etc. The highlights of the audit specifically address problems in the following areas:

–Machine defects which may affect fabric quality
–Machine defects which may result in down time

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